ABS Warning Light Car Service Chester Wrexham

ABS warning light

When the ignition is switched on, the light illuminates briefly to confirm that the system is operational.

If it illuminates when driving, it indicates a malfunction. Have this checked as soon as possible.

Normal braking (without ABS) will be generally be maintained and many cars will be safe to drive on, but some will not – check the handbook for advice.

Have the vehicle checked by a dealer or garage as soon as possible.

Brake system and ABS warning lights
Brakes & ABS
Brake system and ABS warning lights
If both warning lights illuminate at the same time when driving, stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so.

Reduce vehicle speed gradually and immediately move the vehicle to a safe location. Use the brakes with great care. Do not step on the brake pedal abruptly. Seek assista